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You already have an account and started to love your new, supernatural lifestyle. Random strangers have come up to you and asked about your amazing perfume, your friends have commented how well you look, your families health has increased, you have started talking about the oils to others. You think you are ready to take your life to the next level. Wonderful! 


Here is how it works:


Mrs Wallers Tribe is for you if you are ready to take 100% responsibility for your own life and health. For those of you who know that there is no quick fix, but that  taking daily small steps will move us towards our goal, may it be health, wellbeing or financial freedom. For those of you who are willing to acquire knowledge and understand the wisdom of essential oils and a natural lifestyle. For those of you, who are ready to invest into their own health, and then helping others to do the same. For those of you who know that sharing is caring, but that you must first lift yourself. 

I am such a massive dōTERRA fan, and I can say from my heart that this is one of the best companies in the world to work with - integrity, ethics, values and the goal to make the world a better place. This is the new way of doing business on a global scale and create positive change in your neighbourhood at the same time. You can read more about dōTERRA here. As a yoga teacher my passion was always to help others making choices towards a better life.

Choosing natural solutions is part of it, and as a family we have always practiced that. I know how important it is for my mental and physical wellbeing to have optimum gut health, sound sleep, learn how to handle stress and that creating wealth and abundance is our right by birth.

If you choose to work with me, you will be self employed, but also part of a team. It’s super important to have people that have your back, that give each other 100% support to develop leadership and guide each other to economic freedom. We teach each other spiritual tools that lift our vibration and our lives to new heights. We are creative, love to learn, we are professionals, we show up, we are spiritual, we believe in teamwork over competition.


We know that changing the world starts not only at our own doorstep, change ALWAYS starts with ourselves. Our actions support the farmers and producers in over 50 countries around the world, the users of essential oils, and those who chose to create a business with dōTERRA.


So many dreams have come true for me, and if any of this sounds right to you, then I am very excited to invite you into my team. 

Here is how to get started:



It's easy to get started, create an account via my link here, and order the Home Essentials Kit or Natural Solutions Kit. The smartest way to create a business is with an intro kit that gives you a diffuser and the 10 most basic oils . With that I will send you an email and create access for you to all essential tools that you need. 






Once you've got your oils, it's time to explore, test, play and read. Now you start to understand why dōTERRA has the highest rate of repurchase in the world. Via my online discussions and facebook groups you will get lots of tips on how to use your starter package. Afterwards you may want to explore the skin care, supplements (sooo amazing), SPA products and detergents. You are on your way to a clean and healthy life.






The next step is to understand dōTERRA. Understand their vision of healing the world one drop at a time. Understand why there is a change in how we live our lives. What co-impact sourcing is and how it ensures that people in developing countries get a better life. And not least dōTERRA’s  non-profit organisation "Healing Hands Foundation" - which has help projects around the world. dōTERRA contributes - and you can contribute - to creating a better world for all of us.






When you first choose to invest time and energy in dōTERRA, you will discover that your chances of creating a dream life are amazing. The way dōTERRA rewards the best teachers is absolutely unrivalled. When you're done learning, I'll guide you through this process and together we will find out what's best for you.






When you're ready, when it will be completely natural to you, you can share your essential oil lifestyle with others.  I really do not wish you to be a sales person - I don’t see myself as one, and Karma is important above everything else. We don’t just sell and move on, we teach how to use essential oils to live a healthier life. Contact me when you need guidance - I am happy to give it. 






Over time, as the joy of sharing with others grows, you grow into your leadership role. You will find your way at your own pace. And we are a big team ready to help you along the way. We help each other, we cooperate and we have a fantastic strong and unique community.

To join, follow these simple steps:


Click here to open an account.

Select your country of residence and preferred language.

Press OK on the yellow box that appears.

Choose Wellness Advocate and Continue.

Fill in all personal info, choose your own password.

Enroller ID must be 5002416. Click Verify to see that it is Iris Waller. Very important!

When you get to the order page, Choose the Home Essentials Kit or Natural Solutions Kit from the carousel on top, then proceed to payment.


When you log in via my link, I will receive an email from doTERRA, and I will send you all the information you need. There are no obligations whatsoever. You can choose to exit at any time. You can be a member without buying anything more. No binding contracts. No purchase obligation. Just lots of possibilities!

Welcome to the new essential oil industry!

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