Parent workshop: Practice yoga with your child

Children with ASD, ADHD, ADD

The aim of this 2 part workshop is to help parents develop an understanding on how to use yoga as a daily 'sensory diet' for their child, to bond more deeply, to develop strength and create a feeling of internal control and calm and balance.

On day one we will have an introduction to yoga, practice together, learn to understand the basic poses and their benefits, and how to set the scene at home with essential oils.

Day 2 will start with a recap and Q&A, another practice, introduction to mindfulness, the role of pranayama (breathing), and introduce yoga games. 

You will get the chance to witness a class in action and we will practice everything we learned together. 


At the end of day 2 you will feel confident to practice a sequence with your child at home, while keeping them safe, choose a basic essential oil for a specific emotion or situation, and create a daily routine that will benefit the entire family. 

Price: £95/£80 early bird

Includes all equipment, training manual, sequences and sample essential oils.


This course is not meant to replace yoga teacher training and will not enable you to start teaching yoga to children. It is created specifically for parents and carers of children one the spectrum, and a basic understanding of these conditions is a pre-requisite. Suitable for complete yoga beginners. 

Dates: 11th May and 8th June. This is a two part workshop, please attend both days.


Blackheath Complementary

Health Centre

184 - 186 Westcombe Hill

London, SE3 7DH

Day 1: Sat 30. 3.2019

Day 2: Sat 27.4.2019

10:00am - 13:30

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