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Why losing weight has nothing to do with diets

I just completed a series of interviews with local women about their lives and dreams. They are all utterly gorgeous, came from all walks of life, but all had one view in common: They were all unhappy with their weight. And all of them had spent good money to change it.

It's clear that there are many entities making megabucks out of our insecurities - but one thing is certain: losing weight has nothing to do with diet schemes. Losing weight should, in fact, be entirely free and not a thing at all. Know that I am not a lifelong slim person: Most notably, my weight shot up about a year after I had my second daughter, and I stayed at a good 10kg above ideal body/height ratio for years. TBH, it did not greatly bother me, but eventually I created a shift that swooped me into wellness. It had nothing to do with food, but everything to do with creativity and joy.

Like many of you, I gave up my high-flying international sales job when I had kids - the fast-paced lifestyle just does not gel with toddlers who need your full attention 24/7. At about the same time I lost 2 people very important to me, and thus the long and bumpy journey from workaholic advertisement executive to yoga therapist and healer, via the detour of a slightly depressed and overtired mum had begun.

I retrained as a yoga teacher, which is something I could do at weekends. While my intellect resisted meditation (too boring), I threw myself into dynamic yoga practices (very cool), followed by a couple of glasses of wine with the girlfriends (yummy and fun).

I proudly managed Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), because that basically required nothing but laying down on a blanket, while kind of falling asleep.

During this ideal form of exercise, you are told to think of your Sankalpa, your resolve, the one thing that you truly wish to achieve in the next 6 - 18 months. We were also told to frame it positively, so, sticking with weight, instead of: “I am not fat anymore” use: “I am healthy and fit”

Well, what can I say - it became very clear that this did not work. And much later I noticed that it did not work for my clients either, so I had to go back to my teacher and ask.

That’s when I learned about Vikalpa, our distraction. While our aim was to succeed through controlled imagination and visualisation, Vikalpas are the uncontrolled and random disturbances that we give our attention to.

Short for: If you give more attention to your distraction than your wish, you will not get your wish.

In plain English?: As long as you like eating cake better than you like being skinny, nothing will change.

Point giving schemes make us feel inadequate, and who is counting frigging points in lockdown, which is where I am writing this in May 2020? Hence, the moment you stop the membership, you’re back in the fridge, albeit with a stupid amount of guilt, because now you KNOW the number of points this is costing you. Somehow, the entire focus of your existence has been shifted into the food part of your brain. Must/mustn’t, good/bad, allowed/forbidden.

Guilt is one of the lowest vibrations on the planet, and an impossible starting point to achieve a state of perfect health. For me, this is where essential oils come in. When I diffused them throughout the day, something else happened: My frequency changed.

Health frequencies are a form of measuring energy, and the average healthy human body has a frequency of 58 - 72megahertz. The greater the movement in your body, the higher your bodies ability to heal itself. You can measure food in hertz too: processed food has almost 0 vibrations, but vegetables vibrate at about 15mhz. A single cup of coffee can bring you down to 58 Mhz in one large gulp.

By diffusing essential oils, which have a high frequency, I unwittingly created an environment that dislodged limiting beliefs and past traumas and facilitated my emotional healing.

When my health frequency changed, I realised that I was bored. I became creative. I started doing instead of eating. I am a massive foodie, but now I had the energy to try new dishes. I stopped snacking because my body was given what it needed, so there were no sugar crashes. I wished to learn. I met new people. And with each little step, something shifted for the better. Within 6 months I realised I had lost 10kg, slept better, had better digestion, less joint pain, better memory, more energy.

Your circumstances are different from mine. I cannot give you recipes for success, and neither can anyone else. But in 95% of all cases the truth is this: If you are overweight, you eat too much.

And people eat too much when they are bored - you are bored and it gives you something to look forward to, to reward yourself.

Here is my one challenge to you:

  • Grab a journal. Fill it. With musings, with your kids quips, with little stick-men (think you can’t draw Check out Hurrah for Gin).
  • Write down what you like, and what you don’t like, what you would like to do, learn, achieve. Make a plan. Because when it is scheduled, it becomes part of reality.
  • Become excited.
  • Have your cake and eat it while you do it.
  • Meet your body and your soul in the process.
  • Start being attracted to healthy foods and habits.

Through having fun you will learn how to listen to your inner goddess. She’ll tell you what you like, and need. She’ll make you adventurous, creative and happy, on the food side of things as well as everything else. When she wants salad, then she wants it because it is tasty and not because it has value. You’ll start eating chocolate of higher quality, stop freeze-dried coffee, drink better quality wine. And if you continue to be a round goddess, she will tell you when to stop the struggle and start loving yourself unconditionally too.

Your turn - tell me what triggered your journey into health?

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