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essential oils Sep 19, 2019
doTERRA Melaleuca

I have written about Melaleuca, otherwise known as Tea Tree Oil before, but the versatility of this oil deserves more than one post. Native to Australia and used for thousands of years as a powerful healing plant, this oil has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Energetically Tea Tree is a very interesting oil too and known to be a powerful source of protection and purification: the oil of energetic boundaries. Many religions throughout history have used Melaleuca in protective rites, and the strengthening properties work on all levels, be it physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. It provided me with my first experience with the energetic subtlety of pure oils on my journey with dōTERRA.

Children are incredibly intuitive with essential oils, and my girls have free range to my essential oil box (within supervised reason of course). A couple of years back, when they returned to school after a long summer in the countryside, my 11-year-old asked for a bath each afternoon. The first couple of days she picked lavender and wild orange, both calming and relaxing. But on the 3rd day, she decided she wanted a soak in tea tree oil. ‘Really?’ I asked sceptically. ‘You want to smell like that?’

But it all made sense quickly: The change from total freedom and relative solitude to being surrounded by hundreds of people, to strict schedules and daily tasks was taking its toll, and she intuitively chose an oil with a protective vibration.

Now, you may take this information as you like. You don’t have to ‘believe’ in the vibrational properties of oils to benefit from them (vibrations of course are pure Physics, something I’ll be happy to elaborate on some other time). My daughter stuck with Tea Tree for a few days, and then returned back to her beloved Wild Orange.

Melaleuca’s strong medicinal smell is not for everyone, but this is a true working oil, and dōTERRA’s version is the purest most effective oil on the market. Use for wound dressing, as a mouthwash, natural dandruff remedy, for cradle cap (very diluted), for acne, athletes foot, as a household cleaner to name but a very few benefits (read more about this in Focus on: Melaleuca). I roll Melaleuca Touch on my sternum before public speaking or when I have to navigate crowded places, such as train travel or airports.

Please note, with this oil even more than others, that I only say that you may use it undiluted if necessary with dōTERRA’s melaleuca - applying a low-grade tea tree oil topically carries several risks. Essential oils are not monitored for safety or purity by the UK or the United States Food and Drug Administrations (MHRA and FDA), so it is good to know that all oils in the Home essentials kit are third-party tested for their purity.

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