Manifest your People

life Dec 17, 2018

I meet so many amazing people in my job, that I sometimes wonder how I managed to avoid them for so long. But there is actually a very well known secret to attract positive people into your life: Manifest. Yep, I manifest them.
'Ahem', you think. 'She’s done it. She’s gone over to the crazy side.'

Frida is my symbol for the strong creative woman who is just that despite big challenges in her life

But stick with me, I have a point, I promise. We attract into our life not only who mirrors ourselves, but also whom we give permission to stay. So taking a good look at yourself and who you believe to be is a very useful practice. And a little scary, because it often reveals something that we don’t really want to see.
Sticking with this idea that like attracts like, you can see that the super successful people seem to hang out with just successful people. The sportspeople stick with the other athletes, mums form new bonds when they had their babies and so on. It’s what you believe to be your normal, and what you would like or need to have in your life.

Generally, this is a good thing. A new baby-mum needs to hang out with other new mums, because it is important to know that this juggernaut of parenthood is just as overwhelming and amazing for everyone else.
On the other end of the extreme, drug addicts hang out with other drug addicts, because they give each other permission to use drugs at any godly hour of the day.

When my outlook on life changed, I realised that some people in my life were not there because we liked each other, but because we were convenient for each other. I also realised that I seemed to have a habit to sabotage myself when I was on the brink of success, but that is an entirely different story.
And then I was told to sit down and imagine who I want in my life. Down to the smallest detail. So that I would recognise that person when I meet them. I did hesitate, but, since I had nothing to lose, I incorporated this practice into my daily meditation.

And you know what, it worked. I meet a lot of people in the course of the day, and I now I always identify who would be a great person to work with. I also have learned where to let go - that one was the hardest thing to do.
In my yoga room I created this little altar to remind me who I am and who and what I want in my life. Frida is my symbol for the strong creative woman who is just that despite big challenges in her life

My succulents tell me that you can thrive, even when times are dire.
The rose quartz is a stone of the heart, the essence of unconditional love, compassion, healing and nourishment.
Geranium, the oil of love and trust, and Ginger, oil of empowerment, are my companion oils for today.

So from a work point of view, I need to say how grateful I am for my team, and the teams around me - you know who you are you, beautiful souls. Some just joined, and some are already soaring. I am so honoured to work with all of you, who take love, trust and empowerment to a new level, and who work their butts off to create a positive change, not just for themselves, but in their communities too. Thank you all, for trusting in me, for trusting yourself, and for being in my life.

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