How I got into Essential Oils

essential oils Sep 23, 2017
Purple doTERRA bus

"How on earth did you get into oils?” said Barbara over a glass of wine. “It is as if you have been hit by the oil bus over the holidays.” Too right, Barbara, that’s exactly what happened. One big purple lovely scented oil bus did not just hit me but picked me up and engulfed me right into the middle of its comfortable perfumed seats and took me on a journey that will last for the rest of my life.

I have been using essential oils in my yoga classes for a long time, and especially patients with chronic illnesses who seek me out for yoga as therapy often comment that they just need to enter the studio and they already feel relaxed. I was sure that this was due to the combination of Lavender and Musk that I usually blended and diffused. Musk oil is said to have pain-relieving attributes, covers body odor and can relieve body spasms, and Lavender is well known for its calming qualities. FYI, although originally musk was taken from the sexual glands of the Himalayan musk deer, these days, it is either made synthetically or, more naturally, may contain a mixture of Frankincense, Ambrette, Myrrh, Cedar Wood, Rose and Amber amongst others.

Recently I had become much more interested in the therapeutic aspect of essential oils, and I asked my friend Angela if she could recommend a book. Not only did she recommend a book, but she also sent me a whole load of samples, some dōTERRA literature and links to a couple of online communities of the aromatherapy sisterhood, and I spent the next two months trying out and studying.

The more I learned, the more empowered I felt to look after my family in a more natural way. Rather than just diffusing the same oils every day, I started to experiment, and not just in the diffuser. I diluted oils into little roller bottles for application directly to the skin and used peppermint instead of Paracetamol for headaches, I created a surprisingly powerful (and very cheap) surface cleaner for my kitchen worktops. I made an ouchie spray from a few drops put into distilled water and left it in the fridge for my ever accident prone youngest, whose bare legs in the summer display the most interesting array of greens, yellows and blues.

My children and friends started to come to me for advice and asked for little samples or roller bottles. Now I always have a number of samples in my handbag, which I am happy to share with others. I had no intention of becoming a Wellness Advocate and start selling the oils, but, as Angela pointed out to me if I do send people into the direction of the dōTERRA website (because I love their products, but that is another story), I might as well send them into the direction of my own website and become a little bit more financially independent. If you like essential oils and are interested to learn how to turn it into a business, why don’t you drop me a line? I always look for more people like you on my team. And if you just start loving oils and begin to live a little bit more natural rather than turning to everyday toxins, that is already a good thing, right?

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