Focus on: Vetiver

essential oils Mar 11, 2019
doTERRA Vetiver Essential Oil

One of my particular favourites - its earthy, freshly cut grass after summer rain scent has made it known as the ‘oil of tranquillity and ‘fragrance of the soil.’

Wonderfully grounding and deeply calming, this is one of the thickest and viscous of oils - hence my use of a dropper. You need the patience of a saint to tease this oil out of its bottle otherwise, and when Vetiver is truly needed, this is the one quality you may be lacking 😂

Vetiver has particular promise for children with ASD and ADHD, with research showing that the aromatic use in a school environment showed notably improved behaviour, calmness and the ability to focus after 30 consecutive days.

It’s often in my diffuser when anxiety levels rise high, often together with Bergamot. As always with essential oils, the keyword here is consistency, and the use of essential oils in school is still rare. But diffusing it regularly in your own home can make a real difference.

If your child is older, you may also try to place 5 drops into a 5ml rollerball dispenser (available here) with fractionated coconut oil so that they can roll it on their wrists when needed throughout the day.

For more information read this article on Mercola or visit this link.

dōTERRA’s vetiver is sourced in Haiti, and I would love it if you would take the time to watch the incredible video below. We don’t think much about the origin and supply chain of things we buy, and this really brings home how incredibly difficult it is to get this oil from the ground into the bottle. It also makes me very proud to be part of a company that does not compromise for profit and has made it its mission to make a difference.


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