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essential oils Mar 15, 2019
doTERRA Air Blend

Yes, I am the first to agree that this was not the wisest of name choices for this incredible oil blend previously known as Breathe. But, we are about to enter hay-fever season and it’s during this time that this powerful blend truly comes into its own.

The oils in this blend have been studied for their ability to open and soothe the tissues of the respiratory system, and also for their abilities to combat airborne bacteria and viruses that could be harmful to the system. Here we have Laurel, Peppermint, Teatree, Cardamom, Ravensara, Lemon, Ravintsara and Eucalyptus Radiata. Even the pharmaceutical industry acknowledges the expectorant properties of this oil and does not see the need to change its name. An expectorant is a medicine that promotes the secretion of sputum by the air passages, used to treat coughs, in case you were about to hit Dr Google.

My favourite application is to rub 1 drop between the palm of my hands, place them into prayer, stick my nose into the small opening between the thumbs and take 3 deep breaths. Oh. My. Gosh. You’ll feel as if you have been visited by a benevolent super sporty ice fairy taking a rollercoaster ride down your sinuses and lungs on a cooling bob sledge.

If like me, you live with an intense snorer, this is the oil to give your other half just before they fall asleep. It’s also a great blend to diffuse while you sleep if you don’t mind having a diffuser running in your bedroom allowing for restful sleep. And, actually, coming to think of it, I live with an ex snorer - the daily use over the last 18 months made a difference.

For congestion (and if you are in a private space or obvious reasons) make a teacup-tee tent. 3 drops into a cup of hot water, pull your t-shirt over your head and around the cup and inhale deeply. The combination of hot water and breath in your airways is especially great before bedtime.

Now is a good time to start diffusing Air daily if you work in an environment full of people, to support everyone's respiratory health, and it also is a great aid if anyone you know suffers from Asthma.

Dilute in a little carrier oil and apply topically on the chest, the back of your neck or the bottoms of your feet. Get in touch to learn more about this oil and about the dōTERRA mission.

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