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Iris Waller

My maternal grandmother was 49 when she accidentally gave birth to my mum. I never met her, but with 3 grown sons and 2 of them away at war, in a city that was being bombed to bits and food hard to come by, this was definitely not a planned pregnancy.

Apart from the human drama, one thing that subconsciously anchored itself was my belief that I would be able to have kids for basically ever. Which meant the arrival of Menopause in my forties took me by surprise.

I wonder about natures particular sense of humour when it gets to women. After sending us on a hormonal rollercoaster ride in our teens, years and years of bloody monthlies with all their side effects, fertility cannot just peter out. It becomes yet another ride that just rattles on without giving us any choice in the matter.

So, I did not make it until 49 in the baby birthing department. In fact, after I suffered a miscarriage 2 years after my second daughter was born, I swiftly became peri-menopausal. If this was anything to go by, I was all set for a raging menopause: I sometimes became scared of myself as I went through aggravated PMT, uncontrollable anger and super painful, highly irregular periods.

My angry mood swings became so bad that I took St Johns Worth for almost 4 years, and I could only come off it after my periods finally had disappeared. Phew, I thought. Only to wake up one cool April night to find myself drenched in sweat and unable to sleep.

Anger was replaced with listlessness. Fluctuating weight was replaced with the inability to shift that extra stone without dieting. Hot flushes manifested themselves in the most unsuitable moments - if you ever sat in a trendy restaurant full of beautiful people, bright red in the face, sweat beads forming on your forehead, frantically fanning yourself with the menu while forgetting what you want to order, you know what I am talking about.

I felt over the hill, insignificant, ugly, had frequent headaches and achy bones, but not so badly that I thought something was wrong. And talking about memory loss…. actually, no, let’s not. Let's just agree on the fact that menopause WILL appear as inevitable as your regulars will do the opposite.

I am a yogini. It should have been easy. A part of me was convinced that I could just meditate the dreaded M away. I also have always been a strong believer in supplementation - in this world of factory farming and mass-produced food it is a must to maintain good health, whether you're menopausal or not. A healthy diet containing phytoestrogens and healthy fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids from fish can reduce menopausal symptoms. But a healthy diet wasn't quite enough. Thankfully for me, at that time I was introduced to the power of essential oils.

I received, believed, and conquered. I set a very strict routine into place and I SAILED through menopause almost symptom-free.

I believe because all of my symptoms regulated themselves within a couple of weeks, some of them immediately, with the help of essential oils and supplements. My healthy metabolism kicked back into action and I returned to my usual weight naturally over a period of a few weeks, without going on a diet.

Everyone has different body chemistry, and there is a variety of essential oils and other supplements that are helpful. What your read below is my personal experience and I may have my own take on how to use these oils and supplements, and above all, I always stay safe.

Click on the links to learn more about the individual oils and supplements. If you can recommend anything else natural, why not share your experiences in the comments below?


dōTERRA Women line, Balance Blend and Geranium - lifesavers during Menopause


dōTERRA’s blend for women's health. Bless the team who came up with this one. Common uses are Hot flushes, Hormones, Menopause, Menstruation, PMS (my teenage daughter has her own roller). I rolled it daily on my lower belly, and during a hot flush along the veins of my wrists.


(Oh how do I love thee - I could literally bathe in it - placing a few drops into a cup of Epsom salts and a teaspoon of sweet almond oil and release into my bath). Aromatic influences: may help ease nervous tension and stress, balance emotions. I place a drop of Geranium on the soles of my feet first thing in the morning and last thing at night

A dōTERRA specific blend, woody, warm and herbaceous. The oils in this blend are mostly tree and root oils, deeply grounding, promoting a sense of balance, my go-to blend for calming overactive minds and body. Also under the soles of my feet, 1 drop daily. Lovely in the diffuser if tensions rise high.



My whole family takes these daily. A multivitamin and mineral food nutrient complex, essential oil Omega complex cellular vitality complex. I take 2 each at lunchtime.

Energy and Stamina Complex, a superior alternative to caffein, I take 1 tablet every morning, a second one at lunch if I have a long day ahead.


Specifically developed with women in mind, the vitamins and minerals in this supplement have been chosen to promote bone health and preventing age and nutritional related calcium loss and bone demineralisation.  


A potent blend of phytoestrogens (plant-derived compounds from pomegranate and flax seeds).

Do you think that is a lot of pills?

I guess so. But they are all-natural and it’s my sanity and health we’re talking about. I am not prepared to compromise here. If you want to learn more, drop me a line and we’ll connect. I am happy to help. Before you act on any of my words, please read my disclaimer.

One last word. The media likes to refer to men in their fifties as being in their prime. Not something we women hear all that often, right?

Ladies! You are totally awesome and at peak performance. Now is the perfect time to start a new exciting chapter of your life. You have gained wisdom and the true freedom of not having to give a sh*t - bring on Life after the Menopause!

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