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Hello! I am so glad that you are here!

I teach holistic Wellness through spirituality, yoga and unapologetic self love. Ongoing mentorship is part of the package. I believe in the rise of the midlife woman, shifting the narrative from Older to Wiser, and that you too will live with the deep knowledge that you are unique and beautiful.

My mission is to show you that there are simple and effective steps for you that can truly change your life and, indeed, change the world.

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Practice with me


Yoga for Every Body

Ergonomic office chairs have become a thing of the past as many of us work from home, often on the floor, from your bed or at the kitchen table. The result is stiff necks and joints, tiredness by lunch and persistent lower back pain.


If you need release, I created these classes especially for you: Bring yoga to your chair with easy to follow, bite-sized sequences that you can practice anywhere and any time. Add optional essential oils and deeply enhance the experience. Suitable for all levels and ages - make healthy movement part of your work life!